Foot and Heel Pain


Romford Chiropody Clinic established over 10 years offers a professional, friendly and personal service to all its clients .We treat foot and heel pain, corns, callus, verrucas, ingrowing toe nails, diabetics and cracked heels etc.

Podiatry is the modern name for Chiropody and we specialise in all lower limb problems from the very simple to biomechanics and ingrowing toe nail surgery.

We aim for our clients of all ages to receive the best possible professional advice and quality treatment at our family run practice!

Ingrowing toenails

95% of ingrowing toe nails can be dealt with in one standard chiropody session (£25.00) .

How ever 5% are chronic and infected ingrowing nails and may require a small surgical procedure  for permanent removal.This requires local anaesthetic and takes about one hour in total, with several follow up appointments.The procedure is virtually painless and very successful, we offer a guarantee .

The  price we give you is all inclusive with no extras. Please call for advice.

Chiropody - Athlete Foot Chiropdy - Corns Chiropody-Ingrown Toenail
Athlette Foot Corns Ingrown Toenail
Chiropody-Fungal Nail Chiropdy-Verruca Chiropody-Cracked Heels
Fungal Nail Verruca Cracked Heels


I really wish i had my ingrowing toe nails removed ages ago instead of waiting , virtually no pain and now I can wear all my shoes again thanks

Molly from Ingatestone