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Frequently asked questions

Q - Do I need a doctors referral
A - No just book an appointment and visit, if we need to liaise with your G.P. we always seek your permission first. We are trained as diagnostic clinicians.

Q - Do you accept health insurance.
A - Yes , (bring along your authorisation code and we can bill your insurer direct.)

Q - How long are sessions / appointments
A - Allow thirty to forty minutes

Q - How many sessions will I need
A - The large majority of chiropody visits are single appointments.
Osteopathic treatment can vary from single appointments, to the average of four and the occasional client who has eight plus visits. Some of our clients like to visit for an M.O.T treatment every few months, we believe you don't have to be in agony to see us!
We recommend three initial appointments for acupuncture before review of any further visits

Q - Am I too old or young for treatment
A - One of our youngest client is a few months old, to our current oldest at 97. We tailor all our treatments to suit the needs of all physical and emotional abilities.

Q - What is the difference between an Osteopath and sports therapy / masseuse.
A - Our four/five year full time degree involves medical diagnosis and clinical examination so that you receive the correct advice and treatment. We perform a 1000 clinical hours before graduation the same as doctors, dentists and nurses etc.

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